Radio Spots, TV Commercials, and Branded Videos

Changes in the radio and TV industries only emphasize the need for radio and TV advertising to be more creative than ever, while evolving video technologies now allow brands of every size to live up to the potential they've always had to build real relationships with customers.        



We love radio. It's the favorite medium of people who get things done. Whether they are commuting, cleaning the house, washing the car, digging in the garden, or organizing the garage, busy people hear what's going on by listening to radio while doing their daily tasks. And when they are funny, emotional, or otherwise memorable, our creative radio ads take clients inside the minds of these busy, achieving people to get real world results. In fact, a 2017 study showed that for every $1 that CPG advertisers spent on radio ads, they saw $12 of purchase activity in return. 

The pros at PowerFlite have written and produced hundreds of radio spots for brands large and small, including many of their jingles. And we work with what are possibly the best sound studios, and best talent, on the east and west coasts. Tell us a little about your brand and we'll send you a link to download samples of our radio spots.


If recent trends in TV viewership show anything, it's that advertisers need commercials with creative, memorable concepts more than ever today if they want to be noticed, watched, and remembered amongst the flood of messages that now hit consumers all day every day.. Across a wide range of categories – from health care, energy, beverages, and real estate to automotive, consumer electronics, fast food, and more – PowerFlite develops and produces concept-driven TV spots that help companies do the great things they set out to do.  

We're in the process right now of updating exactly how and where we show our portfolio of past TV spots and campaigns online, but we are happy to share them with interested companies.

Make Contact now and let's talk about finding the perfect TV solution for your brands. 




In  a recent study, 52% of consumers said that watching product videos makes them more confident about online purchase decisions. We've heard similar stories in the b-to-b world. If you have a new product or service to introduce, a branded video is one of the smartest tools you can use, especially in concert with social media and offline resources, like your sales materials and business cards, so your new creation is brought to life anywhere at any time, with the exact value proposition and detail necessary to tell its story.

At left is one of our more recent videos – used at trade shows and online – created for a start up that has invented a new medical device and is out to change the way people care for their mouth, gums, and overall health. Click the image to watch it.

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