People in business, research, and education often need to tell complex stories. It may be to sell their new product line, or to be chosen for that next big project, or to show that they really can change the world. We help them do that. Better.


Presentation Design:
Giving Your Powerpoints and
Keynotes More ROI Power

You don't make presentations to have fun. You make them to win new business, defend existing accounts, or get across a lot of information – often including complex details – in a limited time. However, most presenters end up filling their Powerpoint and Keynote slides with blocks of text that few can read…or want to…and that make your company look less professional. We take an infographic approach to slide design that turns your concepts and data into visuals that break through, help viewers understand better, make your points more memorable, and make your company look great.


Poster Design:
Making a Big Impact
in a Memorable Way

Let's face it, we live in a Short Attention Span world. People are busy, often in a hurry, and are overwhelmed with media. All the more reason that you need your message to tell a meaningful story in 3 seconds flat no matter where it appears. We do that in a variety of ways, starting with visuals that beg to be looked at, but always in the context of a creative concept that keeps the reader reading…for a few more seconds, at least, to give them the full impact of your message. In an elevator, at a trade show, at retail, or hanging from a lamp post, a powerful poster can do wonders. Pow.


Infographics: Telling
Complex Stories That
Illustrate as They Explain

Given our work in the life sciences industry, it's no surprise that we tell a lot of complex pharma and biotech stories with infographics. But every industry has its complicated topics that consumers, media, partner companies, service providers, and even others within the same industry don't readily understand. Topics that can make a lot more sense once they are broken down graphically, step by step or piece by piece. We'll help you figure out the story you need to tell, especially considering the audiences you need to convince, then work out the best ways to make that story yours.