When it's time to brand your product, your company, your cause...it's time to be genuine. Time to tell the world what you are about. At PowerFlite, we practice Genuine Branding™ in every stage of brand growth. We created Genuine Branding after seeing too many brand "ploys" out there that struck us as…well…inaccurate, at best. The point of branding is to identify and highlight the best reasons why others should see, feel, identify with, and embrace your brand. That response to your brand can be in sales, donations, visits, loyalty, or just a smile, with a recognition of the same values and ideas. But it all begins with an impression of your brand that is genuine and transcends hype. 

Creating a Brand is Only the Beginning, Which is All the More Reason to Start It Off Right
Whether you have an all-new product or company and need all of the pieces to take it from thoughts and dreams to a viable brand identity or you simply need to tune up your existing brand position, logo, color treatment, or brand integration, PowerFlite can help with as much or as little as you wish.  Below are a very few examples of how we have applied our Genuine Branding approach to help our client's brands.

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Full Brand ID Creation: Name, Brand Position, Story, Logo, Colors, etc.

There's a special place in our hearts for entrepreneurs. (We think it's called the Start-Up Ventricle, but we could be wrong.)  How can anyone NOT love new ideas and the passions that drive inventive people to push and push until they change the world, or at least their lives? We've helped these innovators name their brands, position them so the marketplace will know and want them, and help them package their brand identity to take on the world with confidence, unity, and aplomb.


Logo Design & Brand
Position Refresh 

Companies often come to us not because they are just getting started, but because they are well-established, but want their target audiences to know that they are energized, passionate, and more serious than ever about what they do. Sometimes this is initiated by an update, expansion, or re-direction of their services, other times it's as simple as they need a new website and don't want to waste money on new technology that looks old because the logo is dated.  We fix that.



Sometimes, branding has nothing to do with a logo and everything to do with the brand message. Your brand identity needs to reflect your brand message at every level, so when prospects read your website, print ads, brochures, or social media posts, they can tell you are saying what you truly believe – that you are being genuine. It can even help your SEO. We help companies with all of that, often while saving them money on their integrated branding strategy.