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The combination of strategy, storytelling, innovation, and artistry that you need to market and build your business are here at PowerFlite Communications LLC, just across the river from Boston, Massachusetts. We are also experienced businesspeople who know a lot of smart ways to solve problems, engage people, build relationships, and help your business grow. Take time to explore here, then contact us to see how we can help with your next move forward.

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Areas of Our Experience

Life Sciences / Health Care

Photo:  Pexels.com

Photo: Pexels.com

For over 20 years, PowerFlite has helped Biotech & Pharma firms, Hospitals, Skilled Nursing & Rehab Centers, Health Plans, and Medical Device companies thrive, creating everything from targeted ad campaigns, web sites, and brochures to Powerpoints, white papers, and infographics. All to build a healthier bottom line. 

Senior Living, Real Estate, A/E/C

We don't offer assisted living ourselves, nor do we sell real estate, design/build homes, or lease commercial properties, but we do give real estate firms, architects, engineering firms, builders, and senior living residences more of the the tools they need to sell more effectively.

Consumer Packaged Goods

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How do you make your branded CPG products stand out – and make consumers want them – in today's private label and generic marketplace? We have helped Soft Drinks, Hard Liquor, Electronics, Beers, Cars, Cleaning Products, Frozen Foods, Pharmaceuticals, and more do that for years.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

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There is a difference between consumer marketing and B2B marketing, yet the best B2B marketing still treats targets as people, not companies. We've shown that in work for Life Sciences, Energy, Insurance, Professional Services, A/E/C, and Financial firms. Are you next?


The technology category, of course, crosses and even combines several other categories today. PowerFlite has done that, too, to help makers of medical devices, computer mice, silicon chips, cloud-based software, modems, desktop computers, printers, and SaaS offerings thrive. 

Professional Services

Details. Oh, the incredible details that an accountant, attorney, physician, or other provider of professional services has to know – and keep up with – to truly help their clients succeed. It's part of why we love them, and part of how we help get them more business.


Choose the right trusted partners and you will win together.
— Thomas Watson, Jr., Inventor / Entrepreneur / Businessman


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