Whether you need a complete web presence developed from scratch – website, Facebook Page, Twitter profile, YouTube Channel, etc. – or just need a temporary or adjunct offline-to-online solution, PowerFlite can help.  We approach web presence as the marketing need that it is, not as the technological roadblock – or utopia – that many imagine. 

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Website Development

What kind of website do you need? There are a lot of technological options for building websites, and they seem to change daily. What doesn't change, though, is that your website should always embody what your brand is about. Because no matter what web magic appears or disappears tomorrow, what's essential every day is that your prospects and customers understand you and feel comfortable enough in your space – your website, in this case – to spend their time and money on your products, your services, and your advice. 

That's why PowerFlite's primary focus is on the strategies, writing, and visuals that will portray your brand in the smartest ways possible across your website. We put your story ahead of all else, then adopt whatever technological approach makes sense for what you need to achieve, who will be involved, and what budget you allot. As a result, sometimes we build our clients' sites in WordPress, sometimes traditional HTML, and sometimes in Squarespace – whatever works best for our clients' goals and circumstances. So what kind of website do you need? A great one.


Branded Social Media Management

Social Media can be a smart, powerful way for businesses of all sizes and types to reach prospects and customers. Those customers already interact with brands via social media, and they expect to be able to interact with any brand, including yours. So if you're not conversing with your audience through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you're missing a real, sales-supporting opportunity every day of the year. Marketing done well on social media can bring your business a lot of success, creating devoted advocates and even driving leads.

So why have us handle your Social Media? First, because we are highly practiced at creating brand-reinforcing messaging that doesn't make consumers feel as if they are constantly being sold something. And second, because building brands is what we are all about, and we have resources to cross-promote your brand with others to help your company build business and consumer relationships that can grow your brand exponentially.


Offline-Online Marketing: Landing Pages,
Mobile Sites, QR Code Drivers, and More

Some of the strongest marketing programs today use a company's online web resources and offline, real world resources to complement each other, driving more revenues to both. We have built landing pages for some of the world's largest companies, single-event mobile sites for some of the world's smallest organizations, as well as offline ads, direct mail, and signage that connect target audiences' offline, real world lives with their online, virtual actions in a branded context. That turns our clients into helpful heroes, while helping those clients build their bottom lines.