The good news is that today there are more ways to reach potential customers than ever before. That's also the bad news, if you don't plan your approach carefully enough. It's why you need a strategic, media-agnostic Media Plan to help you identify, target, engage, and follow-through on the best outlets and opportunities for reaching your most-promising prospects. 

What's a media-agnostic Media Plan?

Simply put, it means that we approach media planning by focusing only on what we believe will work best for what our clients are trying to achieve, not by pushing a particular medium because we like that medium. It has to be right for the client, and right for achieving the goals put before us.  Luckily for us, we enjoying creating great work in pretty much every medium you could name, from outdoor, print, TV, and web banners to direct mail, Facebook & Twitter posts, radio, bus sides, street art, and more. In fact, it's best – because it's more effective – when the work extends our clients' brand presence and messaging across multiple, integrated media at once to make the most impact. And we enjoy it most when it gets game-changing results for our clients. That is the point, after all. 

What media planning & buying do we provide?

Over the years, we have planned and bought media for clients ranging from straightforward newspaper campaigns for local chains to $80 million integrated print, TV, radio, web, transit, and outdoor campaigns for regional and national brands. But to us, it's not about how big and flashy it is, it's about how well it achieves the goals we and our clients set out to achieve.  And because we take a scalable approach to media – applying as large or as small a crew as needed to your specific intentions – we can also assure that you are never paying for overhead that does not apply to your brand.  

Media placements you can plan and buy through us include, but are not limited to:

  • Local, regional, and national TV campaigns or individual spots
  • Local, regional, and national Radio campaigns and spots
  • Consumer and B-to-B newspaper and magazine Print
  • Social Media (Facebook > Twitter > LinkedIn > Instagram) Campaigns
  • Online/Offline Cross-Platform Marketing & Promotional Campaigns
  • Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Out-of-Home Ads: Billboards, Digital Billboards, Bus & Subway Cards and Wraps, Airport Displays, etc.
  • Facebook ads and boosted posts
  • In-store Displays
  • Truck & Automobile Wraps/Graphics