Direct Mail campaigns can be very powerful and yield results where and when other efforts do not. In fact, today Direct Mail often attracts more attention and interest than web ads, print ads, TV commercials, and other marketing tools. But only when advertisers do not enter into it thinking of it as "Junk Mail." Below are a few examples of approaches we've taken with Direct Mail that have proven fruitful for our clients.


B-to-B Packages

If you saw the word "personalized" above and thought, "You mean those direct mail letters with my name on them?" the answer is no. We're talking about letters that are structurally the same in each package, but factually different for every recipient because each one is personalized to feature facts individual to each recipient's business. For example, 12 of the biotech CEOs who were sent the package above were developing immunotherapies, but most of those therapies targeted a different ailment – including six types of cancer, Parkinson's disease, inflammatory diseases, asthma, alopecia, and more. Our packages succeeded, in part, because we did intense research and took time to speak genuinely to each recipient about their own specific work. It's harder to do and it costs more, but the result was well worth it.   


Creative Postcard and
Postcard/Online Campaigns

When done right, the direct mail postcard is one of the most affordable and effective forms of advertising you can do today. This is especially true for events and limited time special offers. It's even more true if you mail to recipients whom you either already know or whom have a strong self-interested reason for responding to your postcard. In fact, if you're not going to hold an event or make an unusually good offer – and you choose to mail to a purchased mailing list – we predict you will not get anything more than an industry standard response, if that. That's why we work as much with our clients on what they should offer as we do on the great creative work necessary to get their offer(s) noticed. A great event or offer plus great creative and follow-through can make a real difference to your business. Why not do it right?  


Direct Mail + Web
Crossover Marketing

The immediacy and popularity of the web is a major advantage for a wisely-considered, well-designed direct mail program. When it comes to making most spending decisions, consumers and businesspeople alike enjoy the hands-on nature of a brochure, postcard, catalog, or other tangible representation of your business, but they also enjoy the ease and immediacy of responding, and/or learning more, via the web. That's why we always recommend adding an interactive web response device to any direct mail program, in addition to traditional postal and phone methods of response. When possible, we also recommend adding an incentive, like a free offer, price discount, or contest/sweepstakes entry, to not only hasten responses, but also collect contact and preference data.